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Restaurant Gift Certificate
Get Your Money Back
Our philosophy is that you are purchasing this gift for a friend or loved one, not us. That is why we always return your money when all or part of your gift certificate is not used, Period!
Vokaba – A Gift Certificate, Sales & Marketing Machine!
A Must for Your Restaurant!
In-Store and Online Gift Certificate Sales Channels

Gift Certificate Sales Kiosk Incudes
In-store customer point of purchase kiosk customized with restaurants logo and colors (Hardware & Software)
Built-in gift certificate validation and redemption portal, facilitating instant payment to your restaurant
Installation, training and on going technical support
Point of Purchase
Redemption Portal
Installation & Training
Online Gift Certificate Sales Center Includes
Customized gift certificate splash page for remote sales access
Web link and splash page setup assistance
Effortlessly market your restaurant and sell gift certificates locally, nationally, even worldwide to both B2C & B2B customers without lifting a finger
Your Website
Your Splash Page
Why Customers Will Love You & Why You Will Love Vokaba!
Purchaser sets the amount of the gift certificate and the expiration date
If all or any portion of the gift certificate is unused, the purchaser is automatically refunded that entire amount
Gift certificates are instantaneously e-mailed to recipient for immediate use
No more in-store sales hassles
  • Customer efficiently and effortlessly completes the entire purchase process
  • The receipt and confirmation is then instantaneously e-mailed to customer
  • No more plastic, postage or snail mail, or the associated cost that go with it
Helpful and promotional e-mail correspondence is continuously sent with web links prompting additional gift certificate purchases
  • Recipient receives bi-monthly reminder e-mails that their gift is waiting and an “About to Expire” reminder e-mail one week prior to the gift certificate expiration date to drive the sale into the restaurant
  • Purchaser receives instant notification when their gift certificate was enjoyed and if used partially or in full
  • Recipient receives a “Thank You” e-mail from the restaurant and Vokaba inviting them to purchase a gift certificate as well
  • Purchaser receives notification of refund for exact amount of all or any portion of an unused gift certificate, as well as the date that they can expect their refund
Vokaba eliminates all federal and state pre-paid gift card compliance costs, headaches and liabilities
All accounting and reporting is handled by Vokaba and displayed in real-time on restaurants secure reporting suite
Additional Reasons to Love Vokaba
  • The Vokaba Gift Certificate Supercenter
  • Vokaba kiosk participation automatically includes a complimentary and premiere listing on Vokaba.com
  • Vokaba.com markets to consumers on a local, regional and national level on behalf of all participating restaurants
  • The VuShorus Corporate Client Connection
  • VuShorus boasts a portfolio of hundreds of corporate customers that purchase VuShorus vouchers for per diem controls and payment solutions used by thousands of their employees nationwide
  • With Vokaba kiosk participation, your restaurant has the immediate ability to accept VuShorus vouchers
  • VuShorus travelers can only use their vouchers at locations where VuShorus and Vokaba vouchers/gift certificates are accepted, thus driving ongoing captive audience business to our supplier restaurants
  • Your restaurant is therefore listed on the online VuShorus.com food service locator and map
  • The Order Inn Hotel Connection
  • Order Inn is contracted by and services almost every major hotel and timeshare brand in the country, servicing over 14,000 hotels in 40 states. Order Inn’s in-room dining guides are given priority in-room placement due to the volume of business Order Inn and VuShorus collectively sends to our hotels
  • With Vokaba kiosk participation, your restaurant is automatically eligible to be listed on the Order Inn in-room preferred dining guides. Both Order Inn and VuShorus clients use the guides to locate local voucher acceptance restaurants. The guides are also used by the bulk of all other hotel guests when looking for a place to eat during their travels
  • Your restaurant is also automatically eligible for an exclusive and coveted Order Inn contract, where your actual menu is made available as the hotels room service option for all in-room food service needs (Delivery restaurants only)
  • Wifi available in restaurant
  • Ability to process standard VISA credit cards (used for payment to restaurant)
For setup and installation, costs and payment options, Contact Us to speak with a Vokaba representative
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